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Nowadays manufacturers are confronted with the problem of increasing complexity of the products as well as shortened life cycles. At the same time market uncertainties have grown both on the customer’s as well as on the supplier’s side in the globalized economy. One consequence of this is that production plants have to be rebuilt and the related software has to be adapted (re-engineering) more and more often.


Under the buzz word »Industrie 4.0« the construction, the organization and the control of future production plants are being developed.


Runde SacheThe project OptimusPlant deals with the decentralized control of cyber-physical production systems (CPPS). The project aims firstly at the creation of technical foundations for the decentralized control of CPPS by ways of self-organization. Secondly the turning away from the traditional central control will be supported by the formal analysis of the runtime behavior of locally controlled CPPS. For this purpose both the communication as well as the control and the related system model are taken into account.


The project OptimusPlant is funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research within the programme SoftwareCampus. It is realized together with application partners and KIT Karlsruhe. For more information please contact Julius Pfrommer