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Smart Products

Smart Products

One of the basic ideas behind Industrie 4.0 is to endow products and components with embedded
systems capable of collecting and communicating data and networking with each other. To this end,
we develop chips and microprocessors as well as embedded systems, mainly in our application center in Lemgo. They allow,
for example,

  • Configuration data to be stored on a component so the start-up of machinery and production equipment is accelerated,
    rendering manual configuration steps unnecessary
  • Runtime data, for example from operation, to be stored on the component, thus improving
    the product or using the data for predictive maintenance

Products and applications include, for instance:

  1. The tiger chip developed for Siemens and Phoenix Contac
  2. Embedded systems for automation
  3. Beaglebone Black as a test demonstrator for SecurePLUGandWORK