Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB




The application areas comprise aerial and satellite image analysis, environmental and disaster management, as well as mission and operational planning.

Our products are used both in operational applications of the German Bundeswehr and in the civilian area. They can also be adapted to new customer requirements and filled with new content.


Crayons is an authoring and learning environment to develop learning software. Learning content with videos, audios, interactive animations, tasks, questionnaires, text and formula can be realized and delivered via Internet...

Digital Game Based Learning Framework

Our Digital Game Based Learning Framework enables you to individually create Serious Games matching your learning objectives and your budget.

LostEarth 2307

Lost Earth 2307 is a 4x strategy game for the analysis of aerial and satellite images. The player explores and liberates foreign planets while learning the interpretation of optical, infrared and radar images. The capabilities of different sensor platforms like drones, aircrafts and satellites will be learned as well.


»ViLand« is a training and experimental system for aerial and satellite image analysis.


Virtual Reality Image Exploitation Workspace (VIEW)

SAR Tutor

SAR-Tutor is a learning software for radar image interpretation. Basic prinicples of radar technics and especially of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) will be learned. Interactive animations and exercises allow a sustainable training for the interpretation of aerial- and satellite based radar images.



ViSAR is an interactive simulator for the visualization of geometric SAR-effects. The user can generate simple 3D-models and assemble them to complex scenes. For these scenes radar shadows, layover-effects and multi-reflections can be calculated and displayed for different line of sights of a radar sensor.


INTUITEL is a research project co-financed by the European Commission with the aim to advance state-of-the-art e-learning systems via addition of guidance and feedback for learners. Through a combination of pedagogical knowledge, measured learning progress and a broad range of environmental and background data, INTUITEL systems will provide guidance towards an optimal learning pathway.