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Terminology regarding Industry 4.0



Terminology regarding Industry 4.0 (glossary of the VDI GMA technical committee 7.21 »Industry 4.0«)

The VDI GMA technical committee 7.21 »Industry 4.0«, under the direction of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Epple from the RWTH Aachen, is working on a basis for the understanding of the standard terminologies, reference models and architectural concepts for Industry 4.0.

This is happening on the basis and for further devolpment of the existing standardization in the area.

Within Industry 4.0 the languages of production and information and communication technology (ICT) are growing together. There are however differences and unclarities regarding the terminlogies of Industry 4.0 which have historical reasons. The workgroup »Terminology« under the direction of Mrs. Dr.-Ing. Miriam Schleipen is working on a common »basis« (terminology) of Industry 4.0 in terms of linguistic and mental contructs. Existing norms and standards of the areas of ICT and production are the base for these constructs.

The first 80 terms have gone through different development and quality stages and are now approved for publication. Please find the terms hereunder; sources and further information are attached. We are working on further definitions which will continuously be adapted. Hence the technical committee looks forward to your response.


The current status of discussion concerning the terms can be found at: FA7.21 Begriffe.

The glossary is published on the website of the Plattform Industrie 4.0.


Begriff term
Anforderung requirement
Anweisung command
Architektur architecture
Archivwelt archive world
Asset asset
Attribut attribute
Begriff term
Choreografierung zwischen Diensten choreography between services
Communication&Presentation(CP)-Klassifikation classification of communication & presentation (CP)
CPS-Plattform CPS platform
Cyber-Physical Production System (CPPS) cyber physical production system (CPPS)
Cyber-Physical System cyber physical system
Deterministische Interaktion deterministic interaction
Dienst (Service) service 
Dienst Anbieter service provider
Dienst Nutzer service consumer
Domäne domain
Entität entity
Ereignis event
Fachliche Funktionalität (technical) functionality
Gegenstand item
Homonym homonym
Horizontale Integration horizontal integration
Horizontale Interaktion horizontal interaction
I4.0-Komponente I4.0 component
I4.0-Plattform I4.0 platform
I4.0-System I4.0 system
Identifikator (ID) Identifier (ID )
Identität identity
Individualbegriff individual concept
Informationswelt information world/digital world/cyber world
Instanz instance
Interaktion interaction
Interoperabilität interoperability
Kernmodell Core model
Kommunikationsfähigkeit Communication ability
Kommunikationskanal communication channel
Kommunikationsverhalten communication behavior
Komponenten-Manager component manager
Kontext context
Manifest manifest
Mensch-Technik-Interaktion Human-Machine Interaction
Merkmal property
Modell model
Modellwelt model world
Nichtdeterministische Interaktion non-deterministic interaction
Nicht-funktionale Anforderung non-functional requirement
Ökosystem ecosystem
Orchestrierung von Diensten orchestration of services
Physische Welt physical world
Plug&Work plug&work
Prozess process 
Prozessmodell (systemisch) process model
Rechtzeitigkeit timeliness
Referenzarchitektur reference architecture
Referenzmodell reference model
Schicht Layer
Schnittstelle Interface
Service-Orientierung service orientation
Sicherheit Security
Smart Factory smart factory
Smart Product smart product
Smart Production smart production
Synonym synonym
System system
Typ type
Validierung validation
Verifikation verification
Verteilungs-Sicht deployment view
Vertikale Integration vertical integration
Vertikale Interaktion vertical interaction
Verwaltungsschale Administration Shell
Virtuelle Repräsentation Virtual representation
Wertschöpfung value creation
Wertschöpfungskette/Wertkette value added chain
Wertschöpfungsnetzwerk/Wertschöpfungssystem value added system
Wertschöpfungsprozess value added process
Zustand state
Zustandswelt state world