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Joint working group OPC UA and Automation ML

Joint working group OPC UA and Automation ML

OPC UA (OPC Unified Architecture) is a platform-independent standard series (IEC 62541) for communication of industrial automation devices and systems.
AutomationML (Automation Markup Language) is an upcoming open standard series (IEC 62714) for describing production plants or plant components.
The usage of both standards in combination and collaboration can create synergy and will lead to a wider acceptance and usability of both standards.

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A joint working group of the AutomationML e.V. and the OPC Foundation under the lead of Fraunhofer IOSB deals since 2014 with this topic.
Therefore, different use cases were identified and are in work right now. One opportunity by combining AutomationML and OPC UA is to communicate and operationalize AutomationML by means of OPC UA. It is possible to simplify the creation of OPC UA information models based on existing AutomationML data. AutomationML models can be exchanged and managed by OPC UA which makes an up-to-date description of the system as-is possible.
Another opportunity is the lossless exchange of OPC UA system configuration within AutomationML models. The manual exchange of OPC UA server configuration data will be replaced by standardized/specified description in AutomationML. Parameters to set up OPC UA communication between tools can be exchange using AutomationML.
A first result of this joint working group is the Companion Specification ‘AutomationML for OPC UA’ which has been published on February 22, 2016:
It describes rules to transform AutomationML models in OPC UA information models.
As further result, the DIN SPEC working group dealing with this topic created the DIN SPEC 16592 "Combining OPC Unified Architecture and Automation Markup Language" which was published in December 2016:
The DIN SPEC 16592 extends the Companion Spec mapping and defines how to integrate OPC UA configuration information in AutomationML models. Furthmore, possible use cases for the combination of both standards are described and support is given for the integration of other standards, e.g. CANopen and STEP.
Overview and current status 2017:


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Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions concerning the working group and its work or if you are interested to participate in this exciting topic!