Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB


The increasing number of variants, shorter product lifecycles and rising cost pressure lead to a necessary higher efficiency in plant engineering. Today, collaboration during the plant planning process between the involved manufacturing process sections is not enough supported.
To achieve an efficient process section comprehensive engineering the combination of two research areas is of vital importance: semantic interoperability and human-machine-interaction.  The increasing system interoperability leads to a partly automated engineering. New concepts for computer-based collaboration allow an efficient interpersonal and interdisciplinary coordination during this process. To tap the full potential of both areas into future engeneering solutions the topic is to be handled within interdisciplinary research projects. The concept for multi-user engineering includes an integrated data model, adequate assistance sytems and an interactive engineering environment to support interpersonal and interdisciplinary work. This is done within the project DigET in cooperation with the department Interactive Analysis and Diagnosis (IAD) and the Vision and Fusion Laboratory



The DigET provides several advantages:


  1. Reduction of frictional loss.
  2. Misunderstanding and coordination effort between the involved persons.
  3. Furthermore, the momentum within groups is implicitely used and supported accordingly by the systems.
  4. Enhanced close cooperation and the improved communication possibilities increase the comprehension for other disciplines, improve the overall comprehension for the production system and the work within a team increases motivation.
  5. Possible documentation and voting mechanisms as well as the possibility of archiving make results reproducible. The planning quality improves.