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Do you want to map two CAEX or AutomationML files to each other?
Do you want to integrate two CAEX or AutomationML descriptions?
Don’t you want to perform this manually, but use the assistance of the CAEXMapping tool?
Do you need help with the usage of CAEX or AutomationML?

Then you need our CAEXMapping tool!

  1. Mapping of two CAEX (V1 or V2) or AutomationML files onto each other
  2. Transfer of one CAEX or AutomationML file into another
  3. Integration of a CAEX or AutomationML file into a second
  4. Integration of changed parts of the file into the base file (Import or Export of CAEX/AutomationML)
  5. Storage of the result of a mapping

Your wishes and extensions could be integrated as well.

Do you want to realize a lossless CAEX/AutomationML import/export in your tool? Contact us. We are happy to help!