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Today, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) systems are often used in complex applications such as process control systems for visualization and control. These are originally designed for other applications and offer functionality which is only used in parts in a control system.

At the same time, web based applications are used more and more in production and automation.

Nowadays users demand for integrated and universal software user interfaces from plant level over control level to business level. 

Visualization of the state of plant components shall be realized by means of the same user interface as for factory information systems.

The solution proposed by Fraunhofer IOSB lies between web based applications and SCADA systems. It includes the advantages of easy installation on each client with the absolutely essential real-time-functionality.

ProVis.Visu® provides a tool to the users which integrates easy maintenance, fast installation and unified user interfaces.


ProVis.Visu® as a component of ProVis.Agent®

Fraunhofer IOSB uses ProVis.Visu® for visualization of monitoring and control functions (‚BuB-Client’) in the production monitoring and control system ProVis.Agent®.

ProVis.Visu® supports some functionality of a production monitoring and control system in an ideal way e.g. the import of PLC mass data for automated generation of images.

Image templates which are created once-only, help to import variants automatically in process images. This reduces the effort of manual connections to PLC variables within the images. It is also possible to connect an image element manually via an OPC browser.

Specialities of ProVis.Visu® are the potential big amount of clients, flexible deployment and up-dates of clients, and the creation and modification of process images on each client.

As communication standard e.g. OPC can be used. Applications can be startet via mouse interaction out of the omages, e.g. to realize context-sensitive web based statistics.

Due to its low costs, ProVis.Visu® can be used also for plant visualization on the field level (shop floor).


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