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Production systems are adapted continuously due to changes in the production process, capacity adaptions or due to new more efficient production technologies. Changes in the production plant lead to changes in hardware and software components. This leads to high manual effort and costs.

Our vision is to integrate components into the IT infrastructure as fast as plugging in an USB device into a PC. The difference is that the requirements and the environment are much more complex. Therefore we work with our partners on a software-based plug & work.

Based on knowledge about our production monitoring and control system ProVis.Agent® at the Daimler C class production which is connected 450 PLCs and which manages ca. 1000 process visualization images, the manual effort for engineering costs around 30 – 40% of the overall effort for the engineering. These error-prone manual-work can be replaced by plug & work mechanisms. Therefore we develop concepts for automatic engineering of production monitoring and control systems. All involved engineers base their work on consistent data models for efficient engineering.

Brave new world?

This is the vision of the AutomationML e. V.: An integrated solution for a user-independent data exchange. The goal of the standard is an open data format which bridges the gap between planning tools of the Digital Factory and automation engineering. Production monitoring and control systems and MES need information from many different dis-ciplines and planning steps of plant planning and work with data from the Digital Factory for a faster startup. The goal of IOSB within the AutomationML consortium is the automated ingineering of MES. IOSB also provides a test center for user-specific AutomationML models to test them against the specifications


How to start?

The AutomationML e.V. provides to document AutomationML in a nutshell in Englisch HERE for free.

The IOSB provides AutomationML in a nutshell in French: AutomationML en bref. You can find it in the download area of this page.

Are you interested in further information or in an introduction workhop? Then, please contact us.

We also offer introduction workshops for AutomationML.