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KARLA - Advanced Training for Managers and Specialists

Karlsruher Leit- und Automatisierungs- technische Akademie


Knowledge is power! In line with this motto, the Karlsruhe Academy for Control and Automation Technology wants to share its independent knowledge and expertise of current trends in monitoring and control technology and automation engineering with you. On a cooperative basis, we approach complex issues in a simple, comprehensible way, offering custom-made seminars and training programs, which may also take place on your premises, as requested.


All our training programs are tailored to your specific needs as we will discuss in detail what you expect from the seminar or hands-on training to make sure the our approach to the subject matter meets your individual requirements.

It is only the basic structure of our training program that is static:

Day 1: basic knowledge. You will get familiar with the topic, be taught the basics and
get an overview of the subject matter.

Day 2: expert knowledge: We will go into more detail, in accordance with your specific

Starting on day 3: hands-on training. We will assist you in getting started, no matter if
this refers to programming, usage or even modeling. In this process, we can use
authentic examples taken from your actual business.

Our topics are not cast in stone. At the same pace at which market conditions and technologies change, we adjust our contents individually. For this reason, the following list is just a rough outline of what we offer:


  • MES and Digital Factory Operations (basics, benefits, standards, potentials, trends)
  • Monitoring and control systems and control room technology (communication with the process, visualization, customization, plant modeling, signal processing)
  • AutomationML (basics, modeling and application)
  • OPC and OPC UA as standard interfaces in industrial automation (OPC specifications, application and implementation of OPC and OPC UA including practical exercises, sample applications of OPC servers and clients)
  • Software agent technology (application and deployment)
  • Knowledge modeling on the basis of ontologies (e. g. plant model)
  • Efficient programming of data exchange interfaces (ranging from ISA95 to CAEX)
  • Manufacturing control methodologies (exact procedures such as branch-and-bound strategies, heuristic methods, priority rules or genetic algorithms)
  • Distributed real-time communication
  • Data mining in the context of production
  • Approaches to control technology
  • Assessment of automation systems, e. g. availability analyses
  • Methods and technologies for the web-based evaluation of production and equipment data

Are you interested in a specific topic? Please do not hesitate to contact us.

The KARLA training program includes the following services:
• Six hours of concentrated knowledge and know-how per day
• Competent, experienced training staff
• Little groups consisting of a maximum of 8 participants
• Handout of training materials
• Flexible dates - in line with your schedule
• Catering on the days of training
(not relevant for training at your location)
• Travel expenses of trainer
(for training at your location)