Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB

GERTICO - Distributed Simulation

The software product GERTICO is a "middleware" for the coupling of simulators. It implements the international standard HLA (High Level Architecture), both the programming interfaces and the cooperation rules for the interaction of simulators defined. GERTICO is certified as a run-time environment (run time infrastucture, RTI) and is provided free of charge in cooperation with the German armed forces. 


Coupling of Simulators

In the simulation based analysis simulators are provided, which are mapping an aspect of a system within an executable system for a specific question respectively problem. In the case of examining more complex questions with multiple aspects of different systems concerning their interaction there is the need of the integration these simulators to a federation of simulators.This is referred to the case of an integrated simulation. There is also the case that a single simulator has to run for very large models on multiple computers in order to achieve faster execution times through the use of many computer cores and memory units. This is called a distributed simulation. In both cases a standardized and efficient communication platform is needed. For this purpose, HLA is the internationally accepted standard.



The software GERTICO is free of charge, but a registration is required. We are pleased to assist you in all aspects of the coupling of simulators, or specifically in the use of GERTICO.