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WaterFrame® - Water Information Systems

WaterFrame® - Water Information Systems

In the context of the requirements for the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive (WRRL), but also because of the efficiency and quality potential of newer IT technologies, the environmental ministries of the federal states of Baden-Wuerttemberg, Bavaria and Thuringia are engaged in a close cooperation for the development of water information systems. This is based on our components and tools of the Water Frame ® product line.

In the course of the transnational cooperation, there exist the following forms of (water-) information systems and cooperating data acquisition and evaluation programs on the basis of the Water Frame ® technology:

  • Special application groundwater (GWDB) as part of the WIBAS Information System of the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg
  • Special Information System (FIS) Water Quality within the environmental information system of Baden-Wuerttemberg.
  • FIS Waters of the state of Thuringia with the modules Groundwater, Surface Water, Water Supply and Areas.

  • The special application LiMNO as part of the information System Water Management (INFO-Was) of the Free State of Bavaria.
  • The evaluation program PHYLIB for the assessment of the relevant biological components to the WRRL like the macrophytes (larger aquatic plants) and phytobentos (plants of the soil water).
  • The data acquisition program PERLA for the acquisition of limnic organisms.
  • The special application WAWIG for the administratation of water managing areas (only in Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW)).
  • The nature protection information system NAIS (BW only).
  • The special application GESTRUK for the water structure geological mapping including an "external editor" for data acquisition (BW only).
  • The data acquisition program "external editor" for the special application Groundwater (GWDB), a module of the information system WIBAS (BW only) with the domains of Water, Protection of immission , Soil, Waste, and Work Safety