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Model and Sensor Based Water Resources Management

The sustainable long-run groundwater-supply constitutes a complex problem in a lot of regions worldwide and requires a holistic view on the entire resource. Another main topic is the water management in flood areas.

In both cases not only the water volume (scarcity or abundance) is relevant, but also the water quality. Therefore tools are necessary for the simulation of water resources (ground and surface water) as well as the description of transport problems of water ingredients for being able to estimate the consequences of pollution.


  • Development of a Monitoring and Decision-Support-System on the basis of model and sensor data
  • Modelling of water resources: Groundwater, Transport of water ingredients and toxic substances, Seepage processes, Degradation processes, Surface Water
  • Derivation of model parameters by means of GIS data base
  • Online-Updating of the model input data

Methods and Tools

  • Finite element model of the groundwater conditions by FEFLOW
  • Surface water model with concentrated parameters by MATLAB/ Simulink
  • Derivation of model parameters by combing GIS data bases and measured data by means of ARCVIEW, SAGA
  • Validating the models by yearly mean water flow balances in the corresponding model area
  • Combination of the calculated results within the decision support system
  • Online-Update of the input data and boundary conditions on the base of satellite images
  • Evaluation of the current state and multicriterial optimization by means of Fuzzy Decision Making




  • Platform for Development & Demonstration (FEFLOW, MATLAB/ Simulink, SAGA, ARCVIEW)
  • Application in a current project »Water resource management system for the Beijing area«


An activity of the business department Systems of Measurement, Control, and Diagnosis (MRD)