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Automatic driving functions and assistance systems for road traffic

Automatic driving functions and assistance systems for road traffic

With the world's growing population, expansion of international trade and logistics, as well as the rising prosperity and industrialization in emerging and developing countries, humanity is increasingly confronted with resource shortages and rising commodity prices. This becomes evident especially in traffic and transport. More and more people around the world are able to afford motor vehicles for their individual mobility. New business opportunities and increased trade require additional transportation of goods and people. Elevated fuel consumption, increased greenhouse gas emissions and higher traffic density are the consequences.

In the area of mobility in road traffic Fraunhofer IOSB has a broad base: from the development of novel driver assistance systems and fully-automated driving via the research on emission-reducing algorithms to passenger monitoring, the IOSB employees work on a wide range of topics within the research field.

While new propulsion technologies are still not fully developed, it is already possible today to optimize and reduce road traffic as a whole as well as individual mobility by using modern IT systems. This reduces fuel consumption on the one hand while making mobility of traffic participants more pleasant and safer on the other.

Fraunhofer IOSB cooperates with universities, other research institutions and industry. Our goal is to shape the intelligent mobility of tomorrow in order to succeed in a mobility-dependent world.