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Over the last decades, the European Energy Systems have evolved and were optimized according to their technical and economical boundary conditions. For a considerable period of time, there has been a major change caused by the liberalization of the energy markets and the measures that have been taken to allow a cost-effective, environmentally friendly and sustainable supply and use of energy. As a consequence, new business models with extensive electronic and communication processes emerged and resulted in an increase in competition for economical, effective and safety processes.

In order to meet these new challenges, suitable strategies and tools are needed. Therefore, ICT-Technologies will play a crucial role. For example, management-systems for optimal design and industrial management as well as portfolio management systems, virtual power plants with decentralized energy suppliers and smart metering with energy demand management functions.



The ICT-Energy-Lab for intelligent energy systems is located at the Fraunhofer Advanced System Technology AST and in the department of electrical engineering at Technische Universität Ilmenau (Technical University of Ilmenau). The Fraunhofer Institute UMSICHT (North Rhine-Westphalia) with their self-developed device DAVID (Data Acquisition and Visualization Device), the public utilities of the city of Erfurt and the solar village of Kettmannhausen provide the laboratory with majority of the data. The main emphasis of work at the Fraunhofer AST is the analysis of tasks related to the energy business, mainly energy management, energy data management and automated-metering.

Key research areas


    • Innovative ICT-Technologies and concepts for control, monitoring and guidance of energy systems in deregulated energy markets


    • Algorithms and technologies for a holistic energy management for electricity, gas, heating and cooling


    • Virtual power plants by coordinated industrial management of distributed feedings like wind power plants and solar power systems


    • Real time acquisition, transmission and management of large quantities of data for optimal integration of energy consumers and changing energy producers


    • Analysis and development of ICT-Technology for the demand side management and for the connection to the energy pool market of private households


    • Home-portal-interfaces for accounting and visualization of the energy use of private households


    • Digital process control and safeguard technology, particularly for decentralized energy system


    • Test platform for industrial suppliers and training for electrical energy systems in special cases