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Energy (NRG)

Energy (NRG)

The German and European energy supply is facing major challenges: Renewable energy is only one aspect of the current structural changes to the energy system. Energy efficiency and cross-cutting issues such as electric mobility, power analysis, forecasts, virtual power plants and energy storage are gaining importance. The department energy of the Fraunhofer IOSB-AST has extensive knowledge in all these areas, which has been applied in various projects over the last fifteen years.


In the industrial sector, the software solution EMS-EDM PROPHET® is successfully represented in the German and Turkish energy market by major partners such as Compello GmbH and BTC AG. The focus here, are topics such as energy and energy data management. In 2013 EMS-EDM PROPHET ® became certified by TÜV within a project with Dow Olefinverbund GmbH.


In energy research, the Fraunhofer IOSB-AST explored more future oriented issues in cooperation with industrial partners, public funding bodies and research organizations. Topics like demand response as well as demand side management and energy storages are considered for this purpose. For the grid integration of renewable energies, wind power forecast technologies are used among others.

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