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Research Projects

Research Projects

within the department SIGNATORICS

Ambush Killing

Detection of small arms weapons with electro-optical sensors.

»Living Sparkle«

Effect pigments can provide fascinating optical effects on surfaces of solid objects.

Investigation of optical turbulence

For the conception and use of electro-optical systems, the expected turbulence effects must be taken into account.


is a glow caused by excitation of higher atmospheric layers. The Nightglow (also Airglow) has potential applications in the field of night vision.

UV sensors

Current missile warning systems operating in the ultraviolet (UV) part of the spectrum are quite cost-intensive and require large installation space. The systems are based on image intensifier systems and complex filter structures.

Satellite-based early warning

Die Detektion von ballistischen Raketen während des Starts oder nach dem Wolkendurchbruch mittels satellitengestützter, elektro-optischer Sensorik ist ein vielversprechendes Mittel, Feuerleitradare präzise voreinzuweisen und somit eine schnelle Initiierung der Gegenmaßnahme bewirken zu können.

Signature Assessment

The influence of the atmosphere on the thermal image.


Assessment of camouflage materials and analysis of construction material for thermographical inspections, verification and validation of thermal simulations.



Ground-layer turbulence is measured by a Laser-Scintillometer.