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Signatorics (SIG)

Signatorics (SIG)

Fields of operation of the department Signatorics (SIG) include the performance optimization of electro-optical systems (from the ultraviolet to the infrared spectral range) within the atmospheric environment as well as the improvement and development of signature management measures.

The expertise of the department lies within the range of warning sensor technology, signature management und environmental limitations.

The fields of work are in particular:


The work area comprises both the optimization of optronic sensor performance and methods for reducing their performance with suitable countermeasures.

Innovative approaches are being developed to warn against projectiles and missiles, which are stimulated in many respects by advances in detector technology (e.g. multispectral sensors).

Knowledge of atmospheric propagation effects (transmission, turbulence, refraction) accumulated over years is used to design methods for compensating such effects in electro-optical sensors and to verify them using demonstrators.

The detection and analysis of multispectral signatures of threats, facilities, vehicles and backgrounds is used on one hand to design innovative sensor technology and for indirect protection on the other hand. Methods for their reducibility (camouflaging) and/or generation (decoying) are being developed, optimized and evaluated in this respect.

Ground and air-based measurement methods are being developed and deployed in aircraft and helicopters in the scope of complex measurement campaigns over land and sea. In addition, relevant material and system properties are determined with novel laboratory and field measurement systems. The combination of atmospheric propagation conditions and sensor technology as well as the resulting influence on signatures is a major component of all work.


 Cassegrain telescope with a focal length of 3.5 m for
recording high-resolution image sequences.
 computer-controlled BRDF measurement system.


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Adaptive optics - Optics of the Atmosphere - Signature management - Evaluation of signature - warning sensor technology


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