Fraunhofer Institute of Optronics, System Technologies and Image Exploitation IOSB



The IOSB is active in the field of optronics with electro-optical (ultraviolet to thermal infrared spectral range) properties of objects and how they are rendered in imaging systems. This area of work also includes the development of corresponding sensor systems. The departments of Optronics (OPT), Signatorics (SIG) and Visual Inspection Systems (SPR) focus on dealing with these topics.


Areas of focus are the evaluation and development of active and passive sensors, sensor systems as well as surveying object properties in consideration of environmental factors and the atmosphere. In addition to developing and executing measurement procedures, software applications are also developed in order to analyze, evaluate and distinguish electro-optical properties in digital images.


The following departments research and work on those topics:


  • Optronics
    The department of optronics researches methods and creates mathematical models for constructing, evaluating and protecting active and passive electro-optical sensors.
  • Signatorics
    Warning sensors, atmospheric dispersion parameters, signatures for reconnaissance and protection, the conception and evaluation of camouflaging and decoy measures. 
  • Visual Inspection Systems
    Vision systems using line scan cameras for the automatic inspection of continuous industrial production processes.