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Our research and development work happens within the framework of projects - these include equally R&D contracts with industrial customers, publicly funded (collaborative) research projects, and pre-competitive research projects funded by Fraunhofer. You can browse through many of these projects below - as well as products, i.e. results of our R&D activities that have reached a high level of technological maturity.

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  • MyCellFight

    Development of an artificial chip-based human immune system

    The aim of the fully automated immun chip is to predict the immune response to a drug or chemical of up to 100 individuals at the same time.

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  • InCarIn

    Intelligent Car Interieur

    The individual needs of all passengers are registered and analyzed.

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    Medical Data Driving an Integrated Cost-Intelligent Model

    Woman doctor in telemedicine mhealth concept

    Personalized and cost-optimized medical care based on a digital patient model.

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  • PAKoS

    Personalized, Adaptive, Cooperative Systems for Automated Vehicles

    Camera-based driver observation supports the interaction between driver and automated vehicle.

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  • Wolverine

    Data integration and analysis for medical applications

    The topic of the "Wolverine" project is data integration and evaluation for medical applications.

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