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Information Management and Production Control (ILT)

Information Management and Production Control (ILT)

Secure by DesignThe objective of the department Information Management and Production Control (ILT) is to develop components and complete solutions for the design, operation and maintenance of complex information, control and test systems. Security requirements are considered by design. Our focus lies on the application domains of environment, health, risk management, resource efficiency, production and security.

On the basis of agile methods in requirements analysis, system design and recognized architectural and communication standards, we implement open, innovative, and customized software solutions, encompassing and driving new paradigms of the »Internet of Things and Services« as well as »Industrie 4.0«. In order to accompany and support our customers on this way, we offer dedicated consultancy services, e.g. enterprise-specific Industrie 4.0 roadmaps, or the transformation of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) to the requirements and technologies of the smart factory.

We analyze the suitability of modeling and communication methods and IT security technologies for:

  • Complex manufacturing processes driven by Industrie 4.0 value chains (e.g. AutomationML and OPC UA)
  • Environmental sensors and models (SensorML)
  • Environmental observations (geospatial standards of the Open Geospatial Consortium OGC)

Our information management system »WebGenesis®« supports ontology-driven Web-based information systems, problem-specific information analysis and personalized user interaction. For the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) we draft and implement smart solutions for the efficient search in and processing of heterogeneous data sets (»big data«), the extraction of knowledge with data mining methods (incl. semantic annotation) and the fusion of heterogeneous sensor data to meaningful technical information for decision support (»Fusion4Decision«). We are responsible for the systematic and facilitated requirements and IT security analysis as well as for the specification and realization of service-oriented and event-driven architectures (SOA/EDA).

We develop thematic applications and connect them to integrated environmental information systems. Our software framework WaterFrame® renders data sources accessible and integrates geographical information system (GIS) components as well as innovative geostatistical methods. WaterFrame® provides support in generating thematic maps, diagrams and reports.

With the ProVis suite we realize production control system components and integrated solutions according to both the classical functional MES requirements, and the emerging IoT/Industrie 4.0 paradigms encompassing demanding IT security features such as intrusion detection services and secure communication. The functions offered by ProVis range from monitoring and managing production facilities up to engineering control rooms and the processes of manufacturing control. This allows us to deploy production control systems in automotive production sites and the steel industry, including Web-based analysis and reporting systems.

We run vulnerability tests for critical systems and develop test systems for selected de-facto standards such as Foundation Fieldbus, AutomationML, and HLA. Our technologies are integrated into the IT Security Lab for Industrial Production of IOSB. Our objective is to promote the adoption of standards in the market and to support interoperability in open systems. We therefore actively participate in the relevant standardization bodies in VDI/VDE, DKE, DIN, IEC, IIC, W3C and OGC.


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Information Management and Production Control
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