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Visual Inspection

Visual Inspection

Mission / Vision

Every day, we utilize a broad range of technical sensors to replace the five human senses. This is particularly relevant if it is necessary to acquire more exact information or if information is needed faster than a person is capable of providing it or if we want to replace a human task with a technical application. The Fraunhofer IOSB business area for inspection and visual verification activities covers all activities in the field of sensor technology, image and signal processing for the purpose of quality assurance/productivity enhancement in real-time, which are required when “seeing” is the solution of choice. In this context, seeing isn’t just associated with the human eye, but also refers to perception of the entire reflection spectrum from UV to IR encountered in the natural and technological world.

The portfolio of technical solutions covers a broad range of services from feasibility studies to process development, practical validation to demonstrators and marketable end systems.

  1.  We are a member of the Fraunhofer Vision Alliance, which bundles "solutions for machine vision" from several Fraunhofer Institutes.
  2. We are a member of the Food Chain Management Alliance (FCM), which is a platform for collecting the latest findings in science to ensure food quality and traceability.
  3. The topical brochure "visIT Inspection and Visual Testing."


Equipment, lab and test facilities


  • Sliding tables with a selection of lighting equipment for image capture
  • Experimental systems for sorting bulk goods (each of which is equipped with a camera and air blast unit) with different configurations as a belt sorter, sorter with chute and free-fall sorting
  • Measurement stations for inspecting surfaces, e.g. using photometric stereo or Deflectrometry
  • Automatic visual inspection of reflective surfaces
  • Measurement setups for 3-D inspection
  • Test systems for transparent materials
  • Multispectral workbench
  • Microscopic image capture stations
  • Test lab for lighting
  • Fully automated BRDF measurement station
  • Multivariate camera array

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