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Mission / Vision

Fraunhofer IOSB’s research and development activities have always focused on topics relating to automation. Ranging from measurement and control technology and embedded systems to complex monitoring and control and MES systems, IOSB has designed, developed and delivered groundbreaking innovations for industrial use.

IOSB has bundled all its competences in the field of automation technology in the Automation business unit, ensuring that customers from industry and public administration receive the relevant services from one single source. The combined range of services covering the entire automation pyramid enables Fraunhofer IOSB to provide trend-setting solutions for manufacturing enterprises in the production and process industries, for system integrators and automation suppliers.

The Automation business unit stands for system solutions that work on any level of industrial automation, aiming at consistent and integrated data and information management. The efforts of the Automation business unit are centered on real-time IT for complex production processes.

All parties involved at the various levels of the automation pyramid are intended to be able to participate in this kind of communication autonomously. The aspired consistency relates to vertical and horizontal integration as well as integration spanning the entire life cycle of a factory and the associated automation system.

In cooperation with the Institute of Industrial Information Technologies (inIT) of the OWL University of Applied Sciences we use the Lemgoer Modellfabrik (Lemgo Smart Factory) to study, test and demonstrate future information and communication technology (ICT) solutions in the field of automation. For example, we could actually give you a live demonstration of adaptive and energy-efficient up and running production systems. This will illuminate the concept of integrated ICT ranging from the field level to the monitoring and control level including the potential visualization in an actual control room or the reliable remote control/maintenance of disparate systems using the internet and mobile communication technologies.


Monitoring and control systems as well as automation technology are key factors for the
future competitiveness of Germany’s manufacturing industry. Owing to the enormous
variations in the requirements by users such as automation suppliers, system
integrators and manufacturing enterprises, there is no consistent overview of
the automation market. For this reason, Fraunhofer IOSB’s Automation business
unit focuses on the following industry-related research and development activities.

Automation: Highlights

Industrie 4.0

Team members of IOSB’s “Automation“ business unit have made major contributions to the CPS
research agenda, particularly to those chapters dealing with information technology for the factory of the future.
This paper by the National Academy of Science and Engineering is the “mother of all studies” about Industrie 4.0.


In the following section, we have summarized our activities in the field of Industrie 4.0. Some of the links will lead you to web sites that describe current research and development projects.